Machine 2 Machine, Internet Of Things (I of T) & Big Data

THE LEVEL GROUP works with North America’s best and fastest emerging companies in the mobile data sector. LEVEL is intricately involved in the fastest growing technology of our day. This technology is often referred to as Machine 2 Machine, Internet of Things, or Big Data. Cisco Systems predicts that this sector will grow by 100,000 per cent by the year 2020.

THE LEVEL GROUP represents emerging companies that are eagerly participating in a sector that is evolving daily. Such new technology unleashes a variety of services that improve the quality of consumers’ lives and the productivity of enterprise.

The benefits of improved M2M will spread far beyond basic communication. The world, and business, will be increasingly viral.  Improvements will be rapid, far reaching, and dramatic.

LEVEL knows that investment and opportunity will be massive.

Growth will require investment in infrastructure, networks, and people who know how to deliver and successfully ensure business objectives that weave in regulatory processes, competitive pressures, and market demands.

THE LEVEL GROUP has such people.