In the manufacturing space THE LEVEL GROUP’S roster of clients is truly impressive. LEVEL assists and develops business to business marketing plans, manages their labour, and deals with potential operational crises whether real or perceived. The challenges of emerging low cost markets mandate corporations respond aggressively and without delay. Today, corporations need their workers to
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Today’s healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is complex and complicated. There are never-ending demands, strict regulatory laws, and intense marketing pressures. The necessity of research, trials, validations, and product launches add to the complexity. THE LEVEL GROUP works with healthcare professionals and executives across North America. This experience has given LEVEL a wealth of relevant strategies
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Machine 2 Machine, Internet Of Things (I of T) & Big Data

THE LEVEL GROUP works with North America’s best and fastest emerging companies in the mobile data sector. LEVEL is intricately involved in the fastest growing technology of our day. This technology is often referred to as Machine 2 Machine, Internet of Things, or Big Data. Cisco Systems predicts that this sector will grow by 100,000
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Infrastructure & Public-private Partnerships (P3)

P3 projects can produce extensive benefits to governments, corporations, and end-users.  In the past, certain projects proved risky and controversial. Clear thinking, comprehensive communication, and careful listening are necessary to minimize misunderstanding, misconceptions, and disappointments. Regardless of size and scale, THE LEVEL GROUP advises its clients (both public and private sector) on projects. Whether it
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Public Sector – Government & Workers

Government and their workers, whether they be Federal, Provincial, or Municipal, and the organizations that support and keep them operating, create an environment that is often contentious, blurred, ambiguous, and under constant scrutiny. Whether it be public or media scrutiny, LEVEL is acutely aware of the need for accountability and transparency to counter false perceptions.
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