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In the manufacturing space THE LEVEL GROUP’S roster of clients is truly impressive. LEVEL assists and develops business to business ...
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Today’s healthcare and pharmaceutical industry is complex and complicated. There are never-ending demands, strict regulatory laws, and intense marketing pressures ...
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Machine 2 Machine, Internet Of Things (I of T) & Big Data

THE LEVEL GROUP works with North America’s best and fastest emerging companies in the mobile data sector. LEVEL is intricately ...
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Infrastructure & Public-private Partnerships (P3)

P3 projects can produce extensive benefits to governments, corporations, and end-users.  In the past, certain projects proved risky and controversial ...
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Public Sector – Government & Workers

Government and their workers, whether they be Federal, Provincial, or Municipal, and the organizations that support and keep them operating, ...
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Mergers & Acquisitions

The Mergers and Acquisitions market presents many challenges, both subtle and complicated. Only diligence, focus, and patience can overcome the ...
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